Philippe Baumard
Professor in Economic Policy and Strategy, Ecole Polytechnique

Philippe Baumard is a Professor in economic policy and strategy at Ecole Polytechnique, France, and the 2013 Laureate of the French OSEO National innovation awards for cyber-security in the field of autonomous and behavioral learning with Akheros Labs. A visiting professor at many leading schools, including Stanford University’s School of Engineering, UC Berkeley Haas and NYU Stern, Dr. Baumard pioneered works on information and cyber-warfare in the early 1990s, noticeably with his “From Info-War to Knowledge-Warfare” (AFCEA, 1996) and earlier works anticipating many pitfalls on network economies.

Dr. Baumard was appointed in 2010, and renewed in 2013, as President of the Scientific Council for Defense and Security policy and strategic issues (CSFRS), a French State public and private dual-agency under the authority of France’s Prime Minister. 

The main focus of his research is autonomous and implicit learning systems, tacit learning, and their implications for resilience and cyber-deterrence. An associate expert with UC Berkeley Center for catastrophic risk management (CCRM) since 2005, Dr. Baumard studied knowledge and organizational learning dynamics in adversarial and degraded environments, such as security crises, natural disasters or economic warfare. In all these instances, Baumard’s research investigates how organizations can continue their operations, and prevail, with truncated data, subverted or antagonistic learning, compromised or deteriorated defenses. His applied research focuses on behavioral learning for the deterrence of advanced threats on critical infrastructures, which is mainly led into Akheros, a cyber-defense research lab based in Paris. Dr. Baumard published 10 books, including Tacit knowledge in organizations (Sage), and The strategic void (CNRS, 2012).