Karl Frederick Rauscher
Distinguished Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, EastWest Institute

Karl Frederick Rauscher is a Distinguished Fellow and the Chief Technology Officer of the EastWest Institute. In leading the Institute's Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative (WCI), he has overseen strategic track 2 bilaterals among the world's cyber super powers (China, India, EU, Russia and the U.S.), pioneers policy for norms of behavior for cyber conflict, advances emergency preparedness for crises in cyberspace, and unleashes private sector leadership with innovative problem solving.

Working with leading Russian and Chinese experts, he has led breakthrough bilateral studies and his work was referred to by The New York Times as recommended reading for presidents Obama and Xi. He also led pioneering studies under the auspices of the IEEE. Karl works with stakeholders to champion the implementation of the recommendations associated with these reports with a wide range of emerging leaders and organizations around the world.  

Karl previously served as the Executive Director of the Bell Labs Network Reliability & Security Office and is a Bell Labs Fellow, cited for the first achievement of “6 9’s” for a public network system (i.e. 99.9999% uptime), for being instrumental in shaping the post-September 11, 2001 U.S. strategy for communications infrastructure protection, and for being at the forefront in the development of hundreds of world-recognized consensus best practices. Karl has served as an advisor for senior government and industry leaders on five continents, including the U.S. President and the European Commission.

Karl is an inventor with over 50 patents/pending, has personally discovered over 1,000 software bugs in live networks, and has facilitated the development of over 800 industry-consensus expert best practices in the U.S., China and Europe. Karl independently continues to conduct advanced scientific and engineering research in the areas of information and communications technology reliability, robustness, resilience and security, and applies his approaches for companies and governments to meet their goals in these areas.