Oleg Demidov is a consultant at PIR Center—a leading Russian non-governmental think-tank conducting research in the field of international security. Previously, since 2011, he worked at PIR Center on launching, developing and expanding the Program “Global Internet Governance and International Information Security.”

Starting in 2012—Demidov served as an expert to the Commission on Information Security and Cybercrime at the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC). From March 2014, he was a member of the Research Advisory Network (RAN) under the Global Commission on Internet Governance (CGIG). In 2011-2014, he conducted research for the international project “A Twenty-First Century Concert of Powers” run by Frankfurt Peace Research Institute (HSFK).

In addition, Demidov is an author and co-author of a monograph, reports and research articles on information security, cybersecurity, and global Internet governance in PIR Center’s Security Index journal and other editions. He is a participant and speaker at major conferences and summits on cyber governance and global Internet governance in Russia and abroad (ICANN Meetings, NETmundial, Internet Governance Forum (IGF), EuroDIG, CSCAP Working Group on Cybersecurity, CyFy, RIF+KIB, RAEC Cybersecurity Forum, Russian Internet Governance Forum, Ruscrypto, etc.).

Consultant, PIR Center

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