Jean-Yves Latournerie is a Prefect. In December 2014, he was appointed as the first Government Special Advisor, in charge of coordinating the fight against cyber threats with the French Ministry of Interior.

Trained as an engineer (1979) and a graduate of Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA 1986), Jean-Yves Latournerie has occupied senior positions in different sectors of the French public administration during the last fifteen years, including that of: 

Chief of Information and Communication Systems for the Ministry of Interior (2001-2005). This directorate is endowed with a staff of 3,000 people, among them 700 engineers, executives and technicians in corporate services. It is in charge of conception, deployment and exploitation of big IT applications as well as networks and communications infrastructures for the national police forces, prefectures, and all the corporate and territorial services of the ministry.

Prefect of Ardèche (2005-2007).

Member of the High Council for the State’s Territorial Administration (CSATE)  from 2007 to 2009, in charge of assessing and advising prefects and deputy prefects, working at a local level.

CEO of Grand Lyon (2009-2011). This territorial entity includes 58 municipalities, 1,300,000 inhabitants, and its administration is composed of 4,700 collaborators.

More recently, Jean-Yves Latournerie was CEO of the new National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS) from 2011 to 2014). The CNAPS has been set up to regulate and improve the ethics of the private security industry with preventive policing, regulating access to the industry, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing advice and assistance.

Prefect, Government Special Advisor for the Fight against Cyber Threats, Ministry of the Interior of France

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