Mike O’Reirdan is now an Engineering Fellow at Comcast. He has been involved with the design and operation of large-scale highly available public facing IT systems since 1990, spending 11 years in this space working for Cable & Wireless in the UK and overseas. Since joining Comcast in 2003, Mike has been responsible for multiple technical initiatives particularly in the identity and provisioning space. Currently focused on security issues, Mike is responsible for the architecture of the current Comcast anti-spam platform and the architecture of the Comcast anti-bot service, Constant Guard.

Mike was chairman of M3AAWG from January 2008 to January 2013 and now serves as Chair Emeritus. M3AAWG was the winner of the 2013 EWI Worldwide Cybersecurity Award. As chairman of M3AAWG Mike led the organization to be recognized as the leading operational anti-abuse community for a large portion of the global ISP industry, producing cybersecurity best practices that have been widely implemented. Mike is also a member of the current FCC Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC V) where he works on DDOS issues. As a member of the CSRIC III, Mike chaired Working Group 7, which produced the Anti-Bot Code, “ABCs for ISPs”. Mike is active in the IETF and is one of the co-authors of the IETF RFC on bot remediation, RFC 6561.

Outside of work, Mike spends much of his time working on old motorbikes, making sure that his house from 1885 stays in one piece and occasionally goes scuba diving in warm places such as the Red Sea.

Senior Fellow, EastWest Institute; Engineering Fellow, Comcast

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