Fred Teng is President of the America China Public Affairs Institute, and he is a member of the Board of Counselors of the EastWest Institute. In addition, Mr. Teng also serves as the Senior U.S. Representative of the China-United States Exchange Foundation; a Special Council Member of the China Foundation for Peace and Development, a Board Member of the China Center for Globalization, and a Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association. He is a member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and the Economic Club of New York.

Currently Mr. Teng is Chief Executive Officer of China Newsweek Corporation, the publisher of NewsChina magazine. Mr. Teng has served as senior management in the financial, telecommunications, and media industries, including Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer & Co, AT&T, DVS New York and Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc.

Mr. Teng is a regular commentator on issues relating to U.S.-China relations. His articles can be seen on the Huffington Post, CHINA US Focus, and other media. He serves as trustee on a number of private foundations and corporate advisory boards. He had served as a board director of VDI MultiMedia and the Chairman of DIAGEO’s Marketing Advisory Board.

Previously, Mr. Teng had served as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of New York; the Chairman of the National U.S. Hong Kong Business Associations; the Chairman of New York Community Advisory Board of WNET/thirteen; the Vice Chairman of the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging; the Co-Chairman of the President’s Council of The China Institute in America; and the President of the Asian Financial Society.

Mr. Teng was appointed by the President of the United States and the U.S. Small Business Administration to serve on the National Advisory Board of the Small Business Development Centers. Mr. Teng was also appointed by the Mayor of New York City and the Department of Small Business Services to serve on the New York City’s Minority Women Business Enterprise Advisory Board, which he also served as the Chairman of the Certification Committee. Mr. Teng is the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and he received the New York State Governor’s award for Community Leadership.

President, America China Public Affairs Institute

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