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Economic Espionage

This session will feature subject matter experts and stakeholders who will outline the viable options going forward to solve this growing source of mistrust and economic instability.

#cybersummit2013: Privacy & security: core interests and new realities
#cybersummit2013: The economic dimensions of securing cyberspace

“Cyber industrial espionage: we know very little about this area. It is not yet compulsory in most territories to report breaches and companies are reluctant to do so for fear of damage to their image and their shareholders’ dividends."

Misha Glenny

"Cybersecurity is often delegated to IT departments which may put in place generic defenses that are not aimed at specific advanced threats. A more holistic, business-led approach to assessing impact and managing risk is required.”

Martin Sutherland
managing director, BAE Systems Detica
The Nexus of Cyber Crime, Espionage and Cyber Warfare
What's Needed for Business to Secure and Succeed in Cyberspace