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The EastWest Institute proudly hosted the 2015 Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit in New York City on September 9-10, bringing together 200 participants from 36 countries.

EWI’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative convenes policymakers, business leaders, technical experts and civil society with the objective to reduce conflict, crime and other disruptions in cyberspace and promote stability, innovation and inclusion. 

The Summit 2015

An invitation-only event, this meeting of international actors aimed to coordinate and consolidate progress, showcase results and promote collective action. The annual cyber summits provide a crucial forum for building international, private-public action to foster international cooperation in cyberspace. Breakthrough groups, aligned with the initiative’s objectives of economic and political development, digital security and stability, and sound governance and management, carry the program forward.

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Key international leaders in governments, the private sector and civil society speak about their unique perspectives on cyberspace cooperation. 

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Our Process

Cyberspace has become the most essential infrastructure to the conduct of global business and government. These institutions thrive on predictability and continuity. As a steady stream of virulent cyber attacks demonstrates, however, the global digital environment is becoming an increasingly unpredictable and unstable space, where risks are extremely difficult to evaluate and manage.

The initiative’s objective is to reduce conflict, crime and other disruptions in cyberspace and promote stability, innovation and inclusion. Cyber-enabled crime, insecure technology, state-sponsored censorship and the proliferation of cyber weapons are issues which must be addressed globally by cooperative action.

Over the past six years, EastWest’s cyber collaboration has integrated public and private leadership to address several serious challenges in cyberspace. Building on the work of previous summits, the sixth summit convened government and corporate leaders, along with civil society and EWI’s fellows to address these and other issues threatening the future of cyberspace and its ability to deliver benefits to citizens around the world.

EWI will utilize its proven trust-building process – Convene, Reframe, Mobilize – in aiming to achieve this objective.

Online Breakthrough Group Meetings

EWI Fellows

Online Breakthrough Group Meetings

EWI Fellows

Summit VI

New York
September 2015

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